Double Glazing Grants

Why Get A Double Glazing Grant?

Double Glazing creates an insulating barrier by trapping air between two panes of glass. This results in reduced heat loss, noise and condensation.

Double Glazing GrantsOver half of the heat lost in the home is lost through standard single pane windows. With a Double Glazing Grant you can get help to prevent this loss of energy and save heating costs. The Energy Saving Trust advises that by fitting your home with double glazing you can save as much as £135 a year!

Double Glazing Grants could help the UK save around £700 million and the equivalent of around 740,000 households' CO2 emissions across england and scotland. So what are you waiting for apply a Double Glazing Grant now!

How To Get A Double Glazing Grant?

Your entitlement for getting Double Glazing Grants in Scotland, England and Wales is dependant on a number of factors. These involve age, your local authority, and the amount of benefits you receive, will all be taken in to account in your application for a Double Glazing Grant.

Council waiting lists can be long for Double Glazing Grants so be persistent in pursuing your application, as the benefits will be worth your effort.

Even if you are not entitled to a double glazing grant we can help, by using our quotation service you can save up to 65% off the price of your window installation. This completely free, no obligation service providing you with the cheapest double glazing quotes from up to 3 local, carefully vetted, reputable companies.

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Installing double glazed windows whether you are entitled to a Double Glazing Grant or not is a professional job and we only quote from quality assured Double Glazing companies.

To give you piece of mind all of the Double Glazing Grant suppliers we use are vetted by The Energy Saving Trust.

Double Glazing Grants

All the windows our suppliers use are Energy Saving Recommended which is highlighted by the Energy Saving Recommended logo. This means you can be sure the upvc windows fitted are the most energy efficient and have been assessed by the British Fenestration Ratings Council whether you are eligible and can get double glazing grants or not.

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