Double Glazing Insulation

The process of assembling multiple glass panes into a single unit is termed as double glazing. In the United Kingdom and Europe, these double glazing glasses are called as ‘double glazed units’, while they are termed as ‘insulating glass units’ or IGU in North America and Australia. The main advantages of assembling multiple glass panes into a single unit are the high level of acoustic and thermal insulation achieved due to the presence of either a gas or complete vacuum in the space between the panes. The insulation and security aspects of the glass are enhanced, without compromising on the amount of light that is allowed inside the buildings. Hence, these glazing insulation or Upvc window insulation had become highly popular in recent times.


Most of the Upvc window insulation glasses contain two glasses with a small gap between them containing an inert gas like helium or removed of all air and vacuum is created in that space. However, some of the double glazing insulation solutions contain three or more glass sheets, where high levels of acoustic and thermal insulation are required. The cost of the installation of such double glazing insulation or triple glazing insulation is easily compensated by the saving in the energy costs of heating or cooling the indoor spaces due to their high thermal insulation effect.

Such insulated glasses are generally framed in a sash or a special frame designed for the exact size of the opening of the door or the window. The thickness of each glass in the Upvc window insulation process normally varies between 3 mm and 10 mm but thicker glasses are used for certain special applications. 

To prevent shearing effects on the sealed Upvc windows insulation units, most manufacturers provide a difference of 1 mm between each glass plane used in the unit. To suit various site requirements, tinted glasses, coated glasses, and glasses with low-emissive qualities are used by the manufacturers to control the lighting and prevent harmful radiations from entering inside the building spaces.

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