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The need for double glazing security

Our homes are no more as safe as they once used to be. Not that we have compromised on safety mechanisms, but it is the burglars and thieves who have improved their skills to outwit out present security systems. Hence, it is imperative that we stay a step ahead and come up with devices and options that offer enhanced security to our homes and offices and keep burglars at bay.


One such improvement that has been made in recent times is the double glazing security feature. Most of the times, thieves gain entry into the house by breaking the glass of the windows and doors. Therefore, we have to ensure strong glass that is not susceptible to break easily. This is where double glazing security comes to play. When you fit double glazing security glasses to the windows and doors of your house, you are going to benefit a great deal because this glass does not break easily. A lot of effort and force is needed to shatter this glass and it makes a loud sound in the process, thus alerting the inmates of the house.

In addition to strong glass, there are many other benefits of double glazing security devices. Multiple locks with enhanced locking systems are provided in order to ensure complete protection for your house. You can set these locks in place not only for doors, but also windows. The first locking system inserts itself securely into the frame of windows and doors making it virtually impossible to open. You will be able to unlock them only by turning the handle from inside your house. Another locking systems will five dead locks can be opened only with the help of the key provided.

With all these features and much more, you will stand to benefit when you opt for double glazing security. So, isn’t it time for you to buy one now?

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Email Security

On a slightly separate note to double glazing but still related to security we would like to provide you with some information about the secure email service we use from Egress Software Technologies.

Secure Email

To help you ensure that your email is secure Egress have developed secure email encryption software to ensure that your emails don't end up in the hands of the wrong recipient. You can sign up for a free trial of their software by visiting their website.



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