Double Glazing - Features and Benefits

The whole design and construction of a house has changed a lot over the last few years. One of the greatest improvements is the use of the double glazing on the windows. Double glazing and UPVC windows are seen a lot these days and not for no reason. Not only do they add to the style but also provide a lot of other benefits including cutting down on the heating bills.

What is Double Glazing?

Double GlazingDouble glazing is a process wherein the window is made of two panes of glass with some space left in between them. This space is usually around a few millimeters and air is trapped between these two panes. This air is likely to provide some insulation. Some drying agent is also added to ensure that there isn’t any moisture trapped between the two panes of the glass. The main purpose of using double glazing is that the buffer area and the two panes of glass provide better protection against the temperature outside. In the modern windows, argon is being used instead of air too, for better insulation.

What is UPVC?

UPVC is also known as rigid PVC. It is Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride and is used in the construction industry as a very low maintenance material. This material comes in a variety of finishes and colors which include wood finish with photo effect that can be used for windows and sills instead of painted window doors. Weatherboarding, fascia and sidings are often made of UPVC. The use of polyvinyl chloride isn’t widespread these days because of concerns about its effect on the environment. UPVC is used instead of cast iron these days as well in drainage and plumbing and even gutters.

Construction of the Double Glazing Window

The double glazing consists of two panes of low emissive glass. These are coated with a special metal film on the dry air side of the glass sheet which is located towards the room. The moisture absorption material and sealing materials are used to prevent condensation that spoils the look of the windows.

Benefits of double glazing

Double glazing has many benefits when it comes to modern construction. The most important benefit is the amount of saving these windows provide when it comes to heating bills. The double glazing can be installed in existing window frames as replacements, in timber and aluminum as well. Therefore it doesn’t need any intrusive installations which can take time, effort or most importantly lot of money.

It is a well known fact that 50 – 60% of the heat from the house is lost from the single paned windows. However, double glazing saves your energy bills in two ways. Firstly, in the winter, it doesn’t allow the heat from the inside of the house to escape because of the insulated layer of air and the two panes of glass. During the summer, the double glazing prevents the heat outside from getting in, raising the energy required to cool down the house. So not only will the double glazing provide natural comfort to you, it also saves you the power bills at minimal maintenance. Therefore double glazing will pay for itself very quickly from the savings.


Another cosmetic benefit of double glazing is the amount of colors and variety that one can get out of them. These are used with various ranges of frames that include UPVC, aluminum or hardwood. Some of these frames are very aesthetically pleasing and offer you a change of appearance in the house. Add to it the environmental benefit that is added by double glazing which saves a lot of the carbon dioxide emissions. The conservation of power inside the house through heating or cooling from the outside environment cuts down on the 28% emission contribution of the houses.

Another major benefit of double glazing is the security it provides. A lot of security systems are installed these days for providing protection the house. Double glazing is like adding the protection of two window panes which offers greater resistance when it comes to burglars trying to get inside. Double glazing is a wonderful technique that also raises the value of your house at the point of sale, because of the appearance as well as the energy efficiency.



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