FENSA Double Glazing Regulations

FENSA Regulations

The Glass and Glazing Federation, in collaboration with the other industrial bodies, set up the Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme. This scheme was set up to support new regulations for buildings.

In an effort to reduce the carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere and reduce our carbon footprint, the government made certain changes to the existing regulations. The increase in the number of energy efficient building will lead to a significant decrease in the carbon footprint. As per the changes introduced by the government, building will now need to use a lot of energy efficient products during constructions and installations. Be it walls, floors, windows or roofs, everything has to comply with the new regulations. There has to be significant energy conservation shown in terms of ventilation, lighting and heating. Irrespective of whether the construction is an office building, domestic dwelling or public places, everything has to be in compliance with these regulations.


 This is where FENSA plays an important role. Any company that joins FENSA can self-assess and certify their installations. This results in saving a lot of time spent trying to get around the various Building Control Procedures. The FENSA inspector will inspect their installations periodically to ensure that the quality standards are being maintained. On completion of the FENSA installations, FENSA will notify the local authorities and issues compliance certificates for the buildings.

Any company that becomes a part of FENSA will reap multiple benefits. First of all, the companies gain credibility since they commit to live up to the building standards. Secondly, they will save a considerable amount of time, thanks to the self assessment option.

Certass Certified Companies

As of 2002, it is a legal requirement to get all the door and window installations certified by the Local Authority Building Control (LABC). The installers could choose only from one of the two options available. They could either register with the LABC or opt for self certification through the only scheme available at that time. 


Finally, in the year 2006, LABC realized the need for more than one scheme for self certification and granted license to Certass. Certass is an abbreviation for Certification and Assessment. If your company becomes a part of Certass, then, Certass will take over the responsibility of registering your installation with the local LABC. If you decide to move your house, Certass will issue a buildings regulation compliance certification to you which will prove to be useful.

Benefit of opting for Certass

Certass is beneficial for consumers, as well as companies. If the original certificate is lost, then Certass will reissue another certificate free of charge. You will not have to go through the rigmarole of liaising with the Local Authority Building Council for the various certifications and assessments. This will save you considerable amount of time and money. You will be issued the certificate within just 30 days of notifying the contractor.

With all these benefits and more to offer, it is recommended that you become a member of either FENSA or Certass and play your part in curbing the carbon footprint.

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