National Window Scrappage Scheme

What is the National Window Scrappage Scheme all about?

A campaign was recently started for a national window scrappage scheme UK. At the end of March a petition was sent to the Government and the glazing industry awaits the response.

The scheme would involve government subsidies to help people change their old Windows for new energy efficient ones. The campaign has suggested that the Government give homeowners up to one thousand pounds towards the cost of new windows. This would help reduce energy bills and emissions from houses.

It is estimated that up to eighteen percent of the money you spend on heating your home is lost through old windows. Therefore the cost of the new windows would be recuperated over time in savings on utility bills. Also with high efficient windows the emissions from your home can be reduced by up to ten percent.

Windows are now rated according to their efficiency from A to G, A is the highest. It is recommended that you choose a window with a rating of C or higher. A number of factors contribute to the energy efficiency of windows. The glass can be tinted or covered with a low-emittance coating which will allow heat from the sun into the house and stop heat escaping. The space between the panes can be filled with special gases such as Xenon which will act to trap heat in the property. The frames also make a difference as they are thirty percent of the overall space of the window. The spacers between panes can also make a difference, the design and material are both important. There are several factors to note when choosing the design of the windows to reduce energy loss which is why the ratings system is so important.

Campaigners have stated a number of reasons why they feel the scrappage scheme would be beneficial. Consumers will be able to improve their homes, save money on bills and reduce their household emissions. The glazing industry would benefit from more business in a time when the economy is affecting profits. It employs a huge number of people and it is not in the interest of the country to have those people lose their jobs. The Government would also reap the benefits of a healthier glazing industry, lower emissions and improved housing stock.

Similar schemes for cars have proved extremely successful in stimulating sales of new cars. This helped the auto industry in a time when sales were low due to economic downturn and undoubtedly saved jobs. It has also had a positive effect on car emissions as people traded for smaller, more fuel efficient cars.

Several large glazing firms in the United Kingdom have started old window scrappage schemes of their own. They are offering up to two thousand five hundred pounds for old windows. This seems like a fantastic offer, however there are many people who feel this is a marketing ploy and will not actually save consumers money. The best advice when buying anything is to shop around and get a number of quotes.

The glazing industry is campaigning for a national window scrappage scheme UK. A petition has been presented to the Government which now has to formulate a response and decide whether to proceed with the scheme.

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