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The modern doors, windows, and other building applications that use glass had changed over from the old metal or timber technology to the use of double glazing toughened glass. The reason is quite simple. The process of double glazing of the glass provides several benefits that cannot be provided by metal or timber materials. Double_Glazing_Toughened_GlassIt is possible to manufacture the double glazed doors and windows in various unique designs and colours that match the existing interior decoration. The use of bright colours for the double glazing front doors converts the entrance to a bright appearance and the entire building wears a new look. 

It is quite easy to replace the existing metal and timber doors with double glazing toughened glass. Even the buildings with old box sash windows can be fitted with double glazing toughened glass without affecting the original unique design of the old timber of the box sash, as long as the timber is in good condition. You can also order uniquely designed French doors in pairs as the primary and secondary doors. The primary door is normally provided with multipoint locking systems for higher security, while the secondary door is fitted with normal shooting bolts. However, the double glazed French doors are likely to be costlier than normal doors fitted with double glazing toughened glass. 

The basic profile of the double glazing of the glass is enhanced by the use of UPVC technology to toughen the glass. The UPVC double glazing glass doors and windows are free from the defects of warping, jamming, rotting, rusting, or discolouration of metal and timber doors and windows due to the variation in weather conditions. As such, they are maintenance free and the manufacturers offer extended warranty for doors and windows fitted with double glazing toughened glass. However, the doors and windows having the double glazing glass are comparable to timber in the feel and weight. Even the sound matches timber when somebody knocks on the double glazing glass. In spite of these similarities, the double glazing glass provides very high security and meets the requirements of the insurers. 

Toughened GlassThere are two more benefits in fitting double glazing toughened glass to the doors and windows. The UPVC glass design can be fully glazed or half glazed. The amount of glazing will determine how much light will enter the building. Further, the double glazing toughened glass reduces the entry of the amount of outside noise into the building. As such, houses and buildings adjacent to railroads or busy roads must have double glazing doors and windows to protect them from external traffic sound throughout the day and bright lights of the cars in the night. If extra sound proofing is required, then the double glazing glass can be filled with argon gas up to a gap of 25 mm but this will have to be specially ordered. 

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