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Why Buy UPVC Doors?

What are UPVC doors? Well, to start with, UPVC is a material that can be used for building doors. Also known as unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or PVC-U, this material is low-maintenance and can come in many colors and styles. Unlike PVC, a material commonly used for piping, UPVC is very sturdy and rigid.


There are several advantages to choosing UPVC doors over a wooden door. One is that it can lower energy costs. Because they are filled with insulating material, this type of door can help keep warm or cool air in, depending on the season. The material thus reduces the need for energy used for heating or cooling, as the home will stay at a more stable temperature throughout the season. This reduction in energy use can in turn help the environment.

Another advantage of these doors is that they are waterproof and sturdy. A traditional wooden door may have a waterproof finish, but if water does leak through it can cause the wood to rot. Wood can also be easily splintered, while UPVC material is extremely strong and can bear the brunt of nature and its wrath. All in all, these benefits mean that buying one of these doors can save you money, as you will rarely, if ever, need to replace your UPVC doors.

Upvc Door Designs & Security

Locking_system_on_Upvc_DoorThere are several types of these UPVC doors. One type is the basic UPVC front door. This door simply comes in the shape of an elongated rectangle, though it can come in many different styles. With more expensive versions, these types of doors can look just like their wooden counterparts.

Basic front doors do not have to look so basic. The different UPVC doors styles include just the regular UPVC material with a doorknob and lock, but they can also come in much more detailed styles. A slot for the mail is one detail that can be added to these doors. Other details include glass plating and 'wood' working. Both of these details can range from basic to very fancy; the glass and workings can be etched with designs such as flowers and dots.

Other front door types are UPVC double doors. Just like the basic front doors, UPVC double doors provide protection from the environment, high energy bills, and splintering.

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Upvc French Doors

UPVC can also be used to make French Doors. UPVC French Doors are generally used either to divide rooms or as access to the backyard. While they offer less security than regular doors, French Doors are lovely because they let so much light into a home. Often taking up a whole wall of a home, these doors can greatly increase the light level in a room, and they have the same benefits of other UPVC doors.


So, if you are looking to buy a new door, you do not need to go directly to the old wooden standby. Consider a modern door with the many benefits of increased home insulation, less wearing, and more resistance to outside forces. UPVC technology allows a door to be beautiful yet strong enough to withstand far more than a wooden door can.

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