What is the Petition For National Window Scrappage Scheme?

The March deadline has passed and the Petition for National Window Scrappage Scheme is still an issue of concern. Separating the real issues from marketing ploys can be difficult in any environmental cause. As energy efficiency grows ever more important in determining the value of homes, knowing how to discern the facts from marketing ploys grows steadily in importance.

The scheme was designed to make it possible for both tenants and property owners to do away with old windows for cash incentives that could be applied to the purchase of new, more efficient ones. Energy efficient double glazed windows would serve as the newest most conservation effective option and provide numerous benefits to both property and owners. The problem for many however, was determining if the scheme was rule.

Chalk it up to another case of "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." More homeowners than not had a hard time determining whether or not it was actual scheme or just the work of window companies. Sadly enough, it was a bit of both.

A petition for an actual scheme was open to the public having been filed by one Mr. Nigel Rees of the Glass and Glazing Federation. Closed as of March 24th, 2010 this petition would have resulted in far lower CO2 emissions and lowered the energy bills of many homeowners. The sales tactics used regarding this effort however, had little basis in legal reality.

It is impossible to offer a National Window Scrappage Scheme discounts based upon a petition that has not yet been closed. This however was done by numerous companies. Many consumers that were not blinded by the unfounded claims of the companies believe that discounts were offered on inflated prices, in order to lure confused homeowners in.

The misguided claims of some window companies have served to cast a shadow over a truly important cause. Having a set National Window Scrappage Scheme would increase energy efficiency, stimulate spending in this area, and decrease unnecessary spending on household energy bills. This would be a huge reduction in the national carbon footprint.

National scrappage schemes for both boilers and cars do exist. Instituting a national scrappage scheme for windows can offer many benefits. Every individual has a responsibility to research and respond to this cause. Accessing the proper knowledge will help eliminate the effects of poor usage of the petition for national window scrappage scheme.

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